Trevor Brown artist. photographer. iconoclast.

"A series of photographs that are both intimate and alien" - The New York Times

I Never Made It About Race, America Did by Trevor Brown

It’s such a shame that “race” is a construction of man, and nothing really scientifically proven. Curiously the media likes to paint people of color as the ones who are first to play the ‘race card’ when and if they actually looked at our individual circumstances, many of us just wanted to be ourselves, not our skin color.” - Trevor Brown

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Trevor Brown. artist. photographer. iconoclast. and contributor to Mascular Magazine has published a video interview exploring the genesis and experience of making his short film Awakening. Awakening featured in Issue No. 7 of MASCULAR Magazine, the ‘Portraits’ issue. 

You can see the interview here:

The interview gives you insights into the artist himself, his creative approach and what he has to say about being creative.

4 Questions with Trevor Brown about his new film Awakening which debuted in Mascular Magazine in December.

MASCULAR Magazine Issue No, 7 | Autumn 2013

Awakening is a short film by artist Trevor Brown exploring that time between sleep and opening your eyes. Inspired by an idea from MASCULAR Magazine’s editor Vincent Keith, Brown known for his still images took up his tablet to shoot a film to be used exclusively for the upcoming Portraits Issue of MASCULAR Magazine. Working with a long time friend Joel Caceres composed original music for the short film. View the film in MASCULAR Magazine at

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Take Off Photo by Trevor Brown

Brake In The Wall Photo by Trevor Brown

Photo by Trevor Brown

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