Trevor Brown artist. photographer. iconoclast.

"A series of photographs that are both intimate and alien" - The New York Times

"If my very existence is provocative; how can you not expect what comes out of my mouth to not also be provocative?" - Trevor Brown #trevorbrown #iamanartist

"I am an artist, I am fierce, and I make no apologies about it" - Trevor Brown #trevorbrown

I fought for my artistic integrity and won. This small victory in a much larger battle has given me the energy to pick up my cameras and start shooting again. So expect some new work very soon. Censorship sucks on so many levels it really drains you spiritually and artistically. #vscocam #trevorbrown

My work was recently censored again, and this lead me to explore why isn’t there a space where I can freely express myself completely and holistically as an artist. Understanding most corporate services are into making money, not encouraging artistic freedom of expression. 

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Trevor Brown | VSCO Grid

I just got my grid today, and really would like to use it to embrace all of my work. I have found as an artist that certain dialogs are encouraged while others are censored. There are only three places on the web my erotic work is due to these restriction, Flickr, Tumblr and Deviant Art (DA greatly censored my work and I no longer post new work there).

As an artist I have many different sides, some are more general public consumable, some are not based on the puritanical patriarchy of American culture, I am sure this same work would be readily embraced in Europe.

I don’t do my work for the affirmation, if I did the camera would probably never be picked up. It’s very nice to receive encouraging words. I have a dedicated but silent following, I usually don’t know people saw the work until I see them at a public event. These kind of words let me know that I need to keep my eyes on the prize.


Island Curb April 2013 Isla Mujeres, Mexico Photo by Trevor Brown

Artist Trevor Brown in Isla Mujeres, Mexico April 2013 Photo by Trevor Brown

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