Trevor Brown artist. photographer. iconoclast.

"A series of photographs that are both intimate and alien" - The New York Times

Artist as Altruist, Educator and Example

As an artist I feel its important that our work challenges people’s perspective on life, society or art itself. I also feel its important that altruism is in the artist toolbox, that they give back to those that helped them along the way.

My recent exhibition #UrbanSoul just closed and I had the honor of presenting my work at an institution of higher education St. Joseph’s College. In addition to the opening there were a couple of artist talk where the students and the general public got to ask the artist questions about the work. In addition one of the chair for their Council for the Arts asked the artists if they would participate in interviews with the students. As an uncle to 37 (yes thirty seven nieces and nephews), I am all about the kids, so I readily agreed.

So next week I will be interviewed by an 18yo young man about my career as an artist, I am humbled that he chose me out of all the artist in the show, and I hope that I can give him some tools that will assist him in the pursuit of his own career. I have two nephews who just turned 18yo and maybe another two or three who are just a couple of years older.

Normally college kids find me extremely interesting because I am so irreverent. I hope I haven’t lost that appeal and that something I say will help this young man. #artistresponsibilites #giveback #trevorbrown

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St. Joseph’s College Council For the Arts Presents:
Urban Soul
Curated by Ramona Candy
September 8th - October 13th 2014

St. Joseph’s College
Tuohy Hall, Alumni Room Gallery
245 Clinton Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11205

Opening Reception: Monday September 15th 5:30pm - 8:00pm
Gallery Talk: Thursday September 25th, 12:40pm
Artist Talk: Saturday, September 27th, 12pm - 3pm 

Gallery Hours:
Wednesday 4-8pm
Saturday 12pm -3pm

#urbansoul #stjosephscollege #newexhibition #trevorbrown

Urban Soul featuring Trevor Brown #comingsoon

Trevor Brown has five of his signature pieces on display at Prospect Heights business Brooklyn Flavors. The work will be on display for their one year anniversary celebration of being at their Washington Avenue location. #brooklynflavors #brooklynbusiness #localartist #trevorbrown

Altruism is very important to Trevor Brown. artist. photographer. iconoclast. so when a former colleague asked him to contribute some art work for the upcoming spring gala for the Brooklyn Youth Chorus Academyhe happily contributed one of his favorite pieces from the Bombay Sapphire Artisan Series solo exhibition he had a few years ago. Mr. Brown was later informed that his item was one of the most highly bid on item at the silent auction.

Mr. Brown was in attendance wearing an original bespoke suit from GUREJE INC and hair done by Mishon Mishon Natural Hair Artist, no better way to celebrate Brooklyn youth then by celebrating Brooklyn artist. #brooklynyouthchorus#bombaysapphireartisanseries #gureje #mishonmishon#brooklyn #trevorbrown

How U Doin? with Trevor Brown

Check out my latest newsletter. #howyoudoin #trevorbrown

I finally got to visit my work in Aloft New York Brooklyn withLeah Happi Hamilton who documented our late night Brooklyn trek to the hotel. Both pieces “The Fire Next” and “Segregation” are located on the 11th and 16th floor respectively right when you get out of the elevator, I couldn’t be more excited by the placement of the work, and very excited to have my first “permanent” installation. #aloft#aloftbrooklyn #brooklynartist #leahhappihamilton#brooklynroyalty #trevorbrown

I Never Made It About Race, America Did by Trevor Brown

It’s such a shame that “race” is a construction of man, and nothing really scientifically proven. Curiously the media likes to paint people of color as the ones who are first to play the ‘race card’ when and if they actually looked at our individual circumstances, many of us just wanted to be ourselves, not our skin color.” - Trevor Brown

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